Matt Nicholson - Matt Nicholson has written over a hundred short stories ranging from R-rated erotica to hard-edge bondage and BDSM fiction, and he has co-written and edited many more.  He is perhaps best known in certain circles for The Breast Punishment Primer which is available through Amazon, Apple, Smashwords and other locations.  He is in the process of writing his full-length first novel, "Families", expanding on a series of vampire erotica stories featuring characters and concepts touched on in the Smashwords editions of "The Alcove" and "Becoming Eternal." Matt Nicholson's Breast Punishment
Matt specializes in writing stories with detailed, evocative descriptions.  He enjoys using science fiction, fantasy and paranormal elements as tools to allow him to take BDSM to levels that are difficult to explore in contemporary settings, though he's written his share of contemporary stories, too.  He is a breast man by nature, so his stories lean toward erotic breast punishment, though you'll find he typically leaves little unexplored.  Check them out individually or by the baker's dozen in the Beat 'Em or Bite 'Em anthologies.  If you ever care to contact him, you can nab in through Facebook or write him at mattnicholson at
Elizabeth Faraday's You've Got Mail

Elizabeth Faraday - Elizabeth
writes both literary and romantic erotica, with settings ranging from contemporary to various shades of paranormal and science fiction, but always with plenty of heat and kink.  Elizabeth has published in several anthologies and was a regular for the Darker Pleasures E-zine where she indulged in a somewhat more gritty approach to erotica than in her other work.

Jude Mason - Jude has written most of her life, but until she found the Internet in the
1990's, she'd hidden all the naughty tales that would eventually creep into her pages.  Once she was bitten by the Internet bug, she found others wanted to read what she'd written, so she worked to improve a skill she'd always loved, but had never tried to polish.

Since then, Jude has become quite a success.  She is a long-standing member of the Erotic Readers and Writers Association.  She has written for several e-zines, including Darker Pleasures, two spanking sites, a couple other BDSM sites and has scattered work
Jude Mason's Anthology - Treat Me Rough
at all sorts of other places.  She has other published work ar several publishing houses, including Amatory Ink, Renaissance Books, Venus Press, Phaze and Total E-Bound.  She is a Facebook kind of woman and she also has a blog, a Twitter thing, and the obligatory website.
Lee Ash's Honey's Lesson

Lee Ash - Lee lives in the United Kingdom and enjoys writing for the benefit of a variety of utility bills, creditors and tax authorities.  He has published a couple of novels, novellas, a handful of short stories and articles, and one poem.  Among them are:  Aversion Therapy, Oral Contract, Captured Cat Burglar, Payment in Pain, and Slave Challenge.  He is currently working on another full-length novel that includes sexual slavery, CP, and a host of other variations on his weekend hobbies.  You can contact him at lee-ash at or you can do his Facebook page.

Derek Musgrave - Derek is the guy you’ve known at one time or another. He was the kid in the back of the classroom, staring out the window. They called it daydreaming back then. He grew up being told more often than not daydreaming was a waste of time. What a crock that turned out to be. Those wild, fanciful dreams were to one day become the fodder for the erotic tales that now flow into the pages of his work. Since then he’s written in a wide variety of genres and has become a prolific author of novels, novellas and short stories. You can find more of his work at his website.  Follow him on Facebook or write him at d__musgrave at Derek Musgrave's Rest in Pain
Cherry Lee's Double Play

Cherry Lee - Sometimes a girl just wants to get really, really naughty. Taste the forbidden fruit of Cherry Lee.  Cherry enjoys exploring the bitter dark chocolate of sex as well as the sweet cherry center. If you like your erotica with edge, sample her stories.  You may learn more about Cherry at her website:, or she's out and about on Myspace.

Leo Bulero - Leo writes erotic science fiction, horror, BDSM, and bizarre fiction
whenever his busy household allows him to.  He has been widely published on the net,  in magazines, anthologies and e-book.  He reads prodigiously, and lists some of his favored authors as: Charles Bukowsky, James Joyce, Philip K Dick, Harlan Ellison and Neil Gaimon.  He is also a reviewer of erotica and in his spare time an editor of micro-fiction.  He lives in England.  Most of the time he is reasonably sane.

Jon Hayworth - Jon is a prolific Internet writer that did the bulk of his work bewteen 2002 and 2004.  During that time, he wrote a series of exclusive short stories for Darker
Leo Bulero's Spellbound
Coco McCloud's To Catch a Thief
Pleasures.  He's a Gemini who flits through relationships like a butterfly.  He lives where he was born, in Cornwall.  When last we spoke, he was working on a BDSM novel provisionally entitled "Enslaving Lucy Chandler."  Find him on Facebook.

Coco McCloud - Coco loves weaving her travels and adventures into her stories.  This multi-published romance author strives to invoke all the senses while slowly building sexual tension, with the hope of rendering an entertaining gift for the readers.

Our other authors include Ruth Fox, Molly Saunders and plenty more to come!