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Notes on Submissions

We are not publishing new paid material at this time.  We always accept unpaid submissions and will give accepted stories the same treatment and exposure we give all our books--including editing, cover design and creation, formatting and distribution, promotion, etc.

Authors of accepted stories will also receive a Smashwords coupon code that will allow limited distribution of their short story (as well as any anthologies in which they appear)
to friends and family.  They will also be able to get free copies of other darker Pleasures stories.

If you wish to submit a story for unpaid publication, please include a brief cover letter and resume or summary of your writing history.  These say a lot about you, so it's in your best interest to ensure they are as properly punctuated and written as your work should be.  Finally, make sure you follow the guidelines noted below.

A good article to read about writing the kind of stories we publish is "How to Sell Sex Stories" at Everything2.

Darker Pleasures General Submission Guidelines

1.  Darker Pleasures' primary focuses are female breast punishment or male CBT.  If female breast bondage and/or breast-oriented torture or male CBT is not the primary fetish of the story, it should be featured prominently with others.

2.  Any extreme or brutal torture must be with some level of the recipient character's consent, whether conscious, subconscious, or consensual non-consent*.

4.  Torture and/or bondage predicaments that depict scenes of permanent mutilation (tattooing or piercing excluded) and/or amputation, excessive blood play and/or overly severe forms of bondage/torture may not be accepted*.

5.  The writer should do adequate research to ensure that the forms of bondage and/or predicaments used are ones that could reasonably and believably be used. 

6.  Stories will not feature characters, settings or situations that derive from other copyrighted medium. (i.e. no readily identifiable characters or settings from literature, games, television and/or movies.)

7.  Stories will not feature celebrities, public figures or any person who may be readily recognized.

8.  Stories that have excessive grammatical, punctuation, or spelling errors may be rejected without review.

9.  Formatting:

     a.  Microsoft Word if possible

     b.  Times New Roman 12 point font

     c.  Single line spacing

     d.  Paragraphs indicated .3 indentation

     e.  Standard punctuation as opposed to e-publication variations (i.e. double spaces after periods, not single spaces, etc.)

10.  Stories must be approximately 5,000 to 15,000 words long*.

11.  We prefer stories that are considered "erotica," in that they should contain not only erotic sado-masochism or BDSM and sex, but plot, characterization, and style.  That isn't to say we don't also publish pornographic stories that lend themselves a lot more toward just the sex and BDSM, but they need to be exemplary.

11.  Stories including any of the following topics will be summarily rejected:

     a.  Incest  (Sex between relatives)

     b.  Bestiality (Sex with animals)

     c.  Pedophilia (Sex with children)

     d.  “Snuff” (The brutal murder of the “victim” solely for the murder’s sake)

     e.  Necrophilia  (Sex with deceased persons)

     f.  Excretory fetishes (“watersports,” defecation, vomiting)

12.  In addition, there are other fetishes or practices that, though they have a following elsewhere, are typically viewed with mixed emotions at best by the general adult erotica reader or are out of our particular niche. As such, these topics should be avoided:

     a.  Foot or body fetishes outside of the breasts, bottom and genitals.

     b.  Victims/protagonists over the age of forty

     c.  Heavily overweight (BBW) victims

     d.  Fisting

     e.  Non-consensual penetration with non-typical objects (fruits, vegetables, sports equipment, bottles)

  * Negotiable depending on story quality.

Please make certain all submissions are properly spell-checked, grammatically correct, and professionally punctuated.  Your name or pseudonym should be a "real" name, such as "Matt Nicholson," or "Jude Mason," not "Erotic Author," "masterman," "slavegirl69," etc.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.